Episode #93
The graphic designer is dead

The pace of technological advancements is changing the role of a graphic designer. Today I consider what that means.

Music and links from this episode

  1. Phase Three by Fatal Injection
  2. The Path by Syntactic
  3. The Army Of You by Soft and Furious
  4. Ride Home by Sro

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. Technology is amazing
  3. The IBM System/360
  4. A computer so central to NASA’s space efforts in the 60s and 70s
  5. Is less powerful than a modern day USB stick, let alone an iPhone
  6. You’ll never hear me say that advancements in technology is a bad thing
  7. But I do believe that technology
  8. Or rather the speed of its current changes
  9. The increase in raw processing power, advancements in graphics chips
  10. The increasing power and capability of the internet
  11. All of it is precipitating the demise of the traditional graphic designer
  12. The graphic designer as we once knew it is dead
  13. Long live the graphic designer
  14. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  16. Don’t misunderstand me
  17. Whilst the title of this episode is particularly provocative
  18. I’m not actually saying the graphic designer is dead
  19. No, what I’m specifically talking about is the traditional one
  20. The graphic designer that just designs things
  21. Like brands, business stationery, and other 2D, non-moving things
  22. When these types of graphic designers get involved with web projects
  23. Or are asked to design any kind of digital or interactive interface
  24. Things go south quickly
  25. Let’s face the facts
  26. People are using less print advertising
  27. The humble newspaper is dying
  28. And print magazines are often supplemented or being surpassed by their digital counterparts
  29. Technology is precipitating the demise of the traditional print industry
  30. There’s still a call for print
  31. In specialist circumstances for sure
  32. But businesses and everybody else are just waking up the effectiveness of digital
  33. That means there’s much less work to go around for the traditional graphic designer
  34. If you’re a traditional graphic designer right now
  35. And you’re not amazingly talented at your job
  36. Or providing a specialist service
  37. And you don’t care or don’t UNDERSTAND digital
  38. You’ll be extinct in 10 years time, without a doubt.
  39. Even traditional graphic design is requiring designers to understand digital
  40. Digital isn’t the future, because it’s already here
  41. But more digital, better digital, is the future
  42. Things we can’t even wrap our heads around now or even imagine
  43. Is the future
  44. And sadly, it doesn’t contain traditional graphic designers
  45. And lets face it
  46. Ever since I’ve been a graphic designer, I’ve never just been able to be a designer
  47. I’ve had to be a jack of all trades
  48. Even what we call a traditional graphic designer right now
  49. Is nothing like what a traditional graphic designer used to look like
  50. A designer now, has to be a typographer, a layout specialist, a branding specialist, a print specialist, a web specialist, and I could go on and on
  51. The modern designer now
  52. Who has an in-depth understanding of digital
  53. Is the next evolution of that
  54. I’m sure in 10 years time
  55. I’ll be saying the same things I’m saying now, but about a different type of designer
  56. The humble graphic designer changes with the technology
  57. You could argue convincingly that the graphic designer is merely a product of the current technology
  58. And right now,
  59. We’re going through the fastest technological change since the invention of the Macintosh
  60. I’m really excited about it
  61. And I hope you are too.
  62. OUTRO 
  63. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  64. Music featured in this episode was Phase Three by Fatal Injection, The Path by Syntactic, The Army Of You by Soft and Furious, and this last track about to play in a minute, Ride Home by Sro
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  66. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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