Episode #95

Inspiration. It’s both a thing to acquire and a state of mind. Or is it just a load of rubbish?

Music and links from this episode

  1. Chance by Kai Engel
  2. Tumult by Kai Engel
  3. Hello Friend by The Birth and Death of Silence
  4. Outro by The Birth and Death of Silence

Line-by-line notes

  1. INTRO
  2. In the design world
  3. We have this secret thing that gives us a bit of a boost
  4. You could even call it a power up
  5. When we’re struggling creatively
  6. And can’t think of any ideas
  7. Some people seek it from specific sources
  8. And some people find it everywhere
  9. It’s called inspiration
  10. This is Ask a Designer Anything, and I’m Craig Burgess
  12. Inspiration itself is not specific to the design world
  13. Nor is it specific to the creative world
  14. But inspiration is closely related to design, and especially graphic and web design
  15. If you google logo inspiration
  16. Or web design inspiration
  17. You’ll be faced with a million different websites
  18. All doing you the same thing
  19. Showing you website after website of websites that look the same
  20. Occasionally you’ll see something amazing
  21. But mostly they’ll all look the same
  22. Many designers think “I need this project to be white and clean”
  23. Then proceed to google “white and clean websites”
  24. And sit flicking through design after design that they’re going to copy
  25. That’s not how inspiration should work
  26. And designers owe it to themselves to try harder than that
  27. Lots of designers just start any project by looking at “inspiration”
  28. Before they’ve even started working on something
  29. Before they’ve even opened a sketchbook
  30. And there I’m assuming they have something as rare as a sketchbook
  31. Whether it’s a logo, a website or any other piece of design
  32. They’ll go off with their Google powers and start absorbing
  33. The problem with doing it that way around
  34. Is that you’re immediately influenced by everybody else’s work
  35. I’m not naive
  36. I’m aware that EVERYTHING you’re viewing, reading and absorbing is influencing you
  37. But why start a design project by looking at everything you want your design to look like?
  38. You’ll just automatically create something similar, unconsciously or consciously
  39. There’s another type of inspiration people talk about
  40. And that’s the magical ability to “get inspired”
  41. Some designers talk about needing to “be inspired” before they can produce anything
  42. And basically this is just being in a happy mood and feeling productive
  43. But sometimes you’ve just got to knock out design work
  44. And waiting for the magical zone of feeling inspired
  45. Isn’t useful when you need to get that web design done before tomorrow morning
  46. I think you’re better off getting used to not feeling inspired
  47. And flexing your creative muscles when you find it really hard to think of anything good
  48. That way, when you’re feeling creative, everything is easy.
  49. And one final point on my quest to hammer down on inspiration
  50. Inspiration is everywhere
  51. It’s not just at the end of a Google search when you need it
  52. As a designer, it should be going into your eyes all day long
  53. Because you should be walking around with your eyes open
  54. Absorbing everything you see, interesting or otherwise
  55. The internet has made it a commodity out of the idea of inspiration
  56. But all that’s done has made all of us make the same work as each other
  57. And that’s rubbish
  58. OUTRO 
  59. This was Ask a Designer Anything. I’m Craig Burgess.
  60. Music featured in this episode was Chance by Kai Engel, Tumult by Kai Engel, Hello Friend by The Birth and Death of Silence, and this last track coming up right now, Outro by The Birth and Death of Silence
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  62. I’m back tomorrow for another episode of Ask a Designer Anything

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