Episode #6
How do I use Twitter effectively for my business?


This is my old style of podcast before I drastically changed the style of it. This was when I was making educational and information podcasts about design, marketing and business. Feel free to listen to it, but my new style of podcast started from Episode 80.

Today I’m starting the first of a few episodes talking about how to get started with social media, and sharing some tips that I’ve acquired over the years of using them both personally, and professionally.


  • 0:17 – The elephant in the room
  • 0:51 – What is Twitter?
  • 2:25 – Should you use Twitter as a business or an individual?
  • 4:14 – Don’t sell at people!
  • 6:04 – Different ways to use Twitter
  • 7:54 – It’s going to take time

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