Episode #12
What’s in a traditional marketing plan?


This is my old style of podcast before I drastically changed the style of it. This was when I was making educational and information podcasts about design, marketing and business. Feel free to listen to it, but my new style of podcast started from Episode 80.

Steve asked the question: What’s in a marketing plan?

This is the third part of a 3 part series on an introduction to marketing. The other 2 episodes were:

Today I talk about creating a traditional marketing plan, and the most important bits that should be in it.


  • 0:29 – A traditional marketing plan

Key content from the episode

A traditional marketing plan is made up of the following things:

  1. Your offering/pricing: What are you selling and how much does it cost?
  2. Marketing goals: The marketing plan should include attainable marketing goals. For example, one goal could be increase existing customer spend by 10%.
  3. Customer research/target market: What do your customers look like? How much do they spend? Where do they spend it, and at what time and what place? Building of a detailed customer profile is important here.
  4. Competition: Analyse your competition. What do they look like? What do they do, and what are their USPs? Also, what makes you different to them? What’s YOUR USP?
  5. Market plan strategies/calendar: What strategies will you use? This is where you detail how and when you’re going to achieve your marketing goals. Networking events, trade shows, website, direct marketing, email marketing, advertising on Facebook, AdWords etc. Put them all in a calendar of activities and detail specifically when you’ll do them.
  6. Marketing plan budget: Now you’ve got your calendar of events you can work out how much it’ll all cost.
  7. Monitoring of the marketing plan results: How are you going to monitor your marketing activities against your goals and work out if they’re worth your time? Weekly meeting? Daily review? Monthly meeting?

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